Hi Leo,

I wanted to thank you for working with Julien one on one.  He really enjoys working with you and with Ronaldo.  Obviously, you guys know soccer.  What differentiates you and Ronaldo from most is your ability to interact with kids in such a positive way.  Both of you are also very good communicators and are particularly good at demonstrating/explaining what and how you want things done. From my observations, I think Julien has developed in both the physical part of his game AND the in technical aspects of futsal. When we started this training with you, I was not sure what to expect.  I thought it would be more of a speed and agility training, with little emphasis placed on skill development.  I am very happy that you spent so much time working with Julien on specific technique related skills.  I have seen him try the different moves in games like the chip to beat a player.  I have seen him use the “hand to hand combat” you taught him when playing defense and when shielding the ball.  I have seen his stamina, speed, and toughness improve.  These things are all from working with you.  If you ever need a testimonial or positive review, don’t hesitate to ask.

 Going forward, I think Julien would like to keep working with you in the group futsal sessions, at least for a few weeks until the outdoor season starts.  He had fun Monday night, especially in the scrimmage.  

When the futsal national ID gets closer I think it would be good to do a few one on one sessions again so that Julien can give that his best shot.  Would it be OK if I reach out to you then?

Thanks again,


Mario P8 Comments